Twitter Privacy Center

May 19, 2020

Updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Terms and Privacy Policy. Exciting, we know. But it’s important to us that you know what we changed and why: 

  1. We recently notified people on Twitter about some changes to our Allow Additional Information Sharing with Business Partners" setting. We’ve now updated our Privacy Policy to reflect these same changes. [Section 3.1]

    • Twitter runs ads on other platforms. To help us understand if these ads are effective, we share device-level data, like IP address, with our advertising partners. We don’t share things like your name, email, phone number, or Twitter username. You can now find this information in more detail in this help center page.

    • To help mobile app advertisers understand if the ads they run on Twitter are effective, Twitter shares some device-level data, like which ads your device may have seen or clicked on, with them. We don't share your name, email, phone number, or Twitter username. For people outside of the EU, this can no longer be disabled. You can read more about this in this help center page.

  2. We’ve made updates to reflect Brexit, including calling out the UK separately from the EU. [Sections 4.5, 6] We’ve also made these changes to our Terms of Service.

  3. We want to make it easier to inform people of future changes to our privacy policy, such as by tweeting or sending notifications in Twitter. We’ve updated our policy to account for this. [Section 7]

  4. We updated our Privacy Policy to make clear that in limited cases, Twitter shares information with other companies to help prevent things like state backed information operations across the web. For example, accounts that attempt to manipulate the conversation on Twitter may also try to post that same information elsewhere online. Being able to share this information helps us to act quickly with our peers to protect the people using our service.  [Section 3.3]

The new Terms and Privacy Policy go into effect on June 18, 2020.