Advertiser CCPA FAQs

What mechanisms will X use to intake and process data subject access requests and deletion requests? This applies to both direct requests, and requests received by our advertisers.

We have a number of mechanisms that allow people to exercise their rights.  First, people can use our self-service tool, Your X Data, to download a copy of their data.  Alternatively, they can submit a request for their data by completing this Privacy Form. Account holders can always delete the content they post on X or deactivate their account.  People can also submit any questions they have by completing this Privacy Form.

How does the Tailored Audience Program work with CCPA?

Advertisers are considered businesses with respect to any tailored audiences uploaded to X, and X is a service provider with respect to that data. As such, our Tailored Audience Program T&Cs require advertisers that upload a tailored audience to provide sufficient notice and choice before providing us with this data. Please see our updated Data Protection Addendum for information about how X handles this data as a service provider.