What terms are going to be updated?

On December 2nd we published an update to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and our Data Protection Addendum.  These updates will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Is X only applying the CCPA to people who reside in California?

X constantly strives to provide the same privacy experience to people wherever they may reside. That means when people travel from state to state, or country to country we want their experience and their expectations to travel with them. In certain circumstances, to meet specific local requirements certain features may differ.

How does the X pixel work with the CCPA?

X is a business with respect to personal information it receives through the X pixel and through mobile app conversion tracking partners. X requires advertisers to have any necessary notice and choice mechanisms in place in connection with their use of this program, as described in our Conversion Tracking Program T&Cs.

Does X do anything special for people aged 13-16 because of the CCPA?

X’s services are available to people over the age of 13. We provide a variety of tools and features to all people that use our services to ensure they have meaningful controls over what data we collect about them, how it is used, and when it is shared.